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McClay's and Oxford Enterprises semi trucks

More than 300 businesses treat us like family

Undeniable tenacity, superior communication, and always willing to go the extra mile.

We're in the business of helping your business…do more business

Boost ROI with our consultative approach

Cement customer loyalty and keep plants running with 99.67% on-time delivery

Stay in the loop with real-time freight visibility

Simplify your work with responsive, reliable, 24/7/365 support

De-stress knowing we’ll bring solutions when those rare hiccups arise

Stand out with a partner invested in your growth and advancement

When we began, I thought there would be hiccups. It wasn’t like that at all—everything ran smoothly the first time. I was really impressed with that.

Trucking Program Manager
International Agriculture Industry Company

They're very flexible and reliable. I don't think they’ve ever said no when we've sent them a load.

Process Manager
North American Metals Industry Company

They react very quickly and handle problems in real time—it's something they do extremely well.

General Manager
National Pallet & Container Industry Company

We eat complex freight and logistics challenges for breakfast

Many of our leaders started as truck drivers, and it makes all the difference.

With 35+ years of deep, direct experience, we know what it takes to reliably move your freight and deliver you exceptional care—even when it comes to those brain-busting, out-of-the-box kinds of loads.

  • A seasoned, dedicated rep who’s watching out for you
  • Experienced drivers who get the importance of customer care
  • Cutting-edge tech, like AI-powered price modeling, smart carrier vetting, and safety and efficiency reporting
  • Regular KPI data to boost your performance and customer experience
  • Live freight tracking and real-time TMS reporting so you’re never in the dark
  • A relentless focus on fleet safety and compliance
  • An expansive network of trusted carriers to tackle OTR loads
  • A dedicated warehousing and cross-docking facility

Industries we serve

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Food & Beverage

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Pallet & Container

One family, everything you need to grow

Transportation services icon McClay's Transportation

A seasoned, safety-focused group of carriers, we deliver freight transportation services across the USA and eastern Canada.

Logistics icon McClay's Logistics

An experienced, tech-driven 3PL, we manage complex freight for customers across North America.

Change-making transportation and logistics insight

We unpack problems, explore solutions, and share perspectives on the latest industry trends, so you can make smart business decisions that help your business grow.
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