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warehouse space

More than 300 businesses treat us like family

Undeniable tenacity, superior communication, and always willing to go the extra mile.

Secure warehousing that helps you scale

Boost KPIs, get that honey of a bonus, grow your business. Whether you need short-term storage for temperature-sensitive products or long-term storage for seasonal overstock inventory, we’re all about people—and helping you out is what we love most of all.

Free up space at your facility—bringing in freight only when you need it

Reduce costs by leveraging less expensive space outside of major cities

Cut your carbon footprint through intelligent warehousing strategies

Warehousing services you can count on

No matter how complex your freight, our experienced team and innovative warehousing solutions ensure you can store your shipments safely and reliably.
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Secure warehouses centrally located between Toronto and Detroit

Network of warehouse partners across the US

cold chain warehousing icon

Cold chain warehousing

freight consolidation icon

Freight consolidation

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Cross-border shipping

After-hours receiving

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Pallet restacking

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Final mile delivery

35+ years of warehousing experience

When you’ve got a talented team, advanced technologies, and robust processes at your back, realizing value is easy—no matter what you need to store.

  • Consultative approach to improve operational KPIs
  • Robust information security to protect your freight
  • Exceptional, proactive communication
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • 24/7 access to warehoused product

We know who they are, and they know us. There’s trust and respect there. When you have this relationship—you’re family.

Process Manager
North American Metals Industry Company

One family, everything you need to grow

Transportation icon McClay’s

A seasoned, safety-focused group of carriers, we offer secure warehousing located between Toronto and Detroit.

Logistics icon McClay’s

An experienced, tech-driven 3PL, we manage complex warehoused freight for customers across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Change-making transportation and logistics insight

We unpack problems, explore solutions, and share perspectives on the latest industry trends, so you can make smart business decisions that help your business grow.
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