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Owner operator truck driver hauling for McClays holding a safety vest

Profit—it’s not a dirty word.

We care just as much about your profitability as we do about our own. It’s how we all sustainably pave the way to future success—and care for our hard-working people, families, and customers.

Let’s grow together.

The can-do logistics team that helps you succeed

Trusted brand with 35+ years of real-world experience

218% in sustainable logistics growth from 2021-2022

Privately-owned company that will be here for the long haul

Cutting-edge tech that simplifies your day

24/7/365 care from a team that puts drivers first

We are having an amazing experience together. McClay’s is an awesome team to work with. They have respect for other partners and a professional team, and they’re responsible when it comes to communication. They’re also patient when there are any issues, and helpful in getting them fixed.

Andi Trucking Group Inc.

More than 300 businesses treat us like family

Undeniable tenacity, superior communication, and always willing to go the extra mile.

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Change-making transportation and logistics insight

We unpack problems, explore solutions, and share perspectives on the latest industry trends, so you can make smart business decisions that help your business grow.
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