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McClay's truck driver shaking a customer's hand

More than 300 businesses treat us like family

Undeniable tenacity, superior communication, and always willing to go the extra mile.

Family-run, data-driven

Dedicated drivers
Contract carriers
Loads shipped
Border crossings
Miles traveled

Your on-ramp to professional and business growth

Lift your KPIs, get that big raise, grow your business. At the end of the day, helping you make a great impression is what feeds our fire.

Nurture customer loyalty and keep plants running with 99.67% on-time delivery

Easily scale your fleet on the fly to handle spikes in production and rapid business growth

Control costs and cut your carbon footprint with highly efficient utilization, SmartWay carriers, and innovative tech

Dedicated transportation services you can count on

Whether you need added storage space at your warehouse location, drop trailers to service end-customers, or assets to support your milk-run network, our embedded team will seamlessly manage your transportation program—no matter how complex.

Comprehensive fleet management

US shipping nationwide icon

Regional assets and freight brokerage to service all of North America

Drop-trailer program icon

Drop trailer program, including live/drop, drop/live, drop/drop, and drop and hook

surge capacity icon

Surge capacity

35+ years of top-notch dedicated transportation experience

Our veteran team, backed by advanced tech, robust processes, and our systems approach will create added value for you and your business—no matter what you’re moving from Point A to Point Z.

  • Consultative approach to improve operational KPIs
  • 24/7 transparent freight tracking for full visibility
  • Advanced scheduling software
  • Robust information security to protect freight
  • Deeply experienced team with first-hand product knowledge
  • Dedicated, safety-focused drivers
  • Exceptional, proactive communication
  • 24/7/365 availability

We’ve had accounts that were going to become customers, and angry competitors pulled out early. Instead of six months to plan, it was next week—and our customers never felt it.

General Manager
National Pallet & Container Industry Company

One family, everything you need to grow

Transportation icon McClay’s

A seasoned, safety-focused group of carriers, we deliver dedicated transportation services across the USA and eastern Canada.

Logistics icon McClay’s

An experienced, tech-driven 3PL, we manage complex drop trailer programs for customers across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Change-making transportation and logistics insight

We unpack problems, explore solutions, and share perspectives on the latest industry trends, so you can make smart business decisions that help your business grow.
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