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aerial view of a cloverleaf highway interchange

Leading from experience, growing like family

We’re a sustainably growing transportation and logistics business that never loses sight of its roots. And our leaders—they aren’t afraid to work a forklift or strap a load. Moving freight isn’t a conceptual exercise for us. We’ve BTDT. And it’s that mix of business acumen and real-world experience that gives us, our customers, partners, and employees an edge.

Get to know our family.

Troy McClay

McClay Group of Companies Ltd

Ryan McClay

McClay Group of Companies Ltd

Matt Schock

McClay's Transportation USA LLC
McClay's Logistics USA LLC

Mark LaBrosse

Owner & Managing Partner
McClay's Logistics USA LLC

Derek Rye

General Manager
McClay’s Transportation Ltd

Eric E. Thornton

VP - Business Development
McClay's Logistics USA LLC

Jordan Sweet

VP - Operations & Carrier Management
McClay's Logistics USA LLC

Amy Reinlein

Director of Human Resources
McClay's Transportation USA LLC
McClay's Logistics USA LLC

Brandon Michael

Director of Operations
McClay's Transportation USA LLC

Change-making transportation and logistics insight

We unpack problems, explore solutions, and share perspectives on the latest industry trends, so you can make smart business decisions that help your business grow.
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